#ConstructionRoleModels – Daksha Mistry

UK Construction Week is finally upon us – we’ll be attending during the week so if you do see us, give us a shout! Our final #ConstructionRoleModel, Daksha Mistry, started at Trident last year but has become a vital part of our building surveying sector and the company as a whole.

We discuss changing careers, being a working parent and how to do your best whilst the situation might not be the best…

Did you ever feel like construction wasn’t for you?
Building surveying wasn’t something I’d ever heard of, let alone considered for a career. I did European and Social Studies at university and worked my way up the ladder at a housing association. However, spending time with other building surveyors during my career there and seeing what they did, I immediately took up the opportunity to undertake a masters conversion course in building surveying and never looked back.

Do you think your unconventional path to construction has helped your success?
I have a proactive attitude and that has helped me to supervise the building surveying team from pretty much my first day here. It’s been hard work but I’m enthusiastic, which has really benefited both me and my clients.

What has been your general opinion on the construction industry, and what has been the construction industry’s general opinion of you?
As a woman in the industry, I truly haven’t come across any barriers. Sometimes, clients are surprised to find the building surveyor is a woman, but I feel respected and, to be honest, most people think it’s amazing. My only setback within the industry was that after having my second baby I wasn’t able to do the part-time hours I desired with the firm I was working for at the time. Deciding to not sit back and allow this, I left and found other employers who did offer flexible hours. Now I run a team whilst doing flexible working. It’s important that the industry offers this – and for fathers too!

Do you have any advice for others who are feeling a little neglected in their field?
If you’re not getting the support you deserve, you should be. There are plenty of employers out there, whether you’re male or female, who will recognise and reward hard work, no matter how and when you choose to do it.

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