Staff celebrate Trident Day in Leeds

We were in Leeds on Friday to celebrate another fantastic year at Trident Building Consultancy!

Staff from all of our ten offices travelled to the city for our annual get-together, where we met at Everyman Leeds for some summaries of the year and what we can look forward to in 2020 in terms of technology, wellbeing and business.

After our time in the cinema, we split up into teams to take part in our afternoon activity – Monopoly in the City! Gadding about town with an iPad trying to find clues and win challenges was a nice way to spend a thankfully sunny day in Yorkshire. Some even said Leeds was nice, albeit in a very shocked tone.

Once we crowned the winners, we spent the rest of the night in Revolucion de Cuba, eating, drinking and dancing until the lights came on.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it another great Trident Day. Onto the next one!

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