Rights of Light

A right to light is a private, legally enforceable easement or right to an adequate level of natural illuminance through a defined aperture. A right to light may be acquired by express or implied grant, or more commonly, by 20 years of uninterrupted enjoyment.
Where a development encroaches on a neighbouring owner’s right to light, the injured party may be entitled to an award of damages or an injunction should they be minded to litigate.

Based in our London City office, our vastly experienced and multi-disciplined Rights of Light team can offer clear and comprehensible advice on minimising exposure to legal action whilst maintaining a balance of interests. The department’s director, Dan Wade, is one of the industry’s leading experts, having amassed over 20 years’ experience acting both for and against a multitude of commercially and emotionally driven landowners.

Combining state-of-the-art analysis software, extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, and the support of Trident’s national network, our Rights of Light team have the capacity and resources to meet the demands of all project sizes, in all locations.

Daniel Wade

Director daniel.wade@tridentbc.com

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