Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies assess the viability of a proposed scheme or project financially, commercially and technically.

At Trident, we plan detailed briefs with the client before assessing the various factors that will influence a project, providing a detailed and concise report evaluating any schemes.

Our reports are project specific and therefore are tailored to suit each instruction, but fundamentally comment and advise on:

  • Specification/scope of works
  • Design and layout possibilities (with our in-house architects) and restrictions
  • Budget costs including professional, statutory and other fees
  • Options appraisal
  • Programme and timing
  • Statutory compliance matters such as planning, Building Regulations and Listed Building Consent, CDM, sustainability, legal/lease obligations etc.

Feasibility studies are an essential stage in the construction procurement process for the client, as they fully evaluate a scheme prior to committing significant capital expenditure.

In the event that additional specialist consultants are required to provide advice and contribute to the report, Trident acts as the Project Manager/Lead Consultant, ensuring that there is a coordinated approach to the feasibility study.

Darren Kemp

Associate Director darren.kemp@tridentbc.com

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