CDM Principal Designer

In 2015, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations replaced the 2007 Regulations for health and safety in the construction industry, with substantial increase in the welfare of all persons on site.

Throughout our twenty year history Trident has consistently been appointed to assist clients with health and safety issues relating to site based activities and, since 2015, to undertake the role of CDM Principal Designer.

Our Principal Designers are registered with the Association for Project Safety and deliver the full service required, ensuring that health and safety are at the heart of your project.

Specifically, the service:

  • Advises clients of their duties under the Regulations
  • Ensures that health and safety is addressed during the planning and design stages of a project
  • Assists with communication, co-operation and co-ordination between the project team members
  • Ensures the Health & Safety Executive is notified as required with details specific to the project
  • Identifies and collates the pre-construction information required for tendering contractors
  • Ensures that the Principal Contractor has the necessary information, skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience for the project works
  • Updates and assists with the collation of information for the Health and Safety File
  • Reviews and updates health and safety information for subsequent works
  • Provides a comprehensive Health and Safety File for the client at the end of construction

Our service has evolved since we began offering CDM services in 2007, and during this time we have operated in full compliance with the Regulations and ensured that our clients have also complied with their health and safety duties.

On smaller and uncomplicated projects, the Principal Designer role is often undertaken by surveyors as part of a dual role when also acting as Contract Administrator, Project Manager or Employer’s Agent, ensuring we keep costs down for you.

Trevor Dowd

Executive Director

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