Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is helping to revolutionalise the way in which construction projects are designed, procured, delivered and managed.  BIM Level 2 was introduced as a requirement for all government construction projects on 4th April 2016, and this public sector shift is also now being seen in the private sector where clients are seeing the clear benefits of BIM. 

These benefits are being able to build/refurbish/adapt more efficiently at greater speed and at lower cost.  Enabling all parties to gain a better understanding of the project and hence to minimise the risks therein.

 BIM Level 2 sets out what when and how information should be created, shared and managed, with the key elements being:

  • Employer’s Information Requirements
  • Collaborative Working
  • Common Classification of Data
  • Info Exchange Methods
  • Creation of a Federated Model

We can help you to understand and comply with all of the requirements of BIM Level 2 and to deliver your projects more efficiently through our project management role or via a direct information manager appointment. 

We also use our BIM expertise for the implementation of planned maintenance programmes, pre-acquisition reporting, reinstatement cost assessments and building pathology advice.  The more relevant data we have on the building, and the ability for us to interrogate that data helps us to provide sound advice to our clients thereby allowing them to maximise their returns from the built asset.

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