Assigned Certifier (Ireland)

In 2014, the Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR) were put in place to raise standards of construction in Ireland. These regulations apply to the majority of building works in Ireland, and in turn the majority of work that Trident does in Ireland.

Trident’s Assigned Certifier service provides you with:

  • Compilation of design information and lodgement with local authorities
  • Monitoring of inspections by the design team
  • Inspections by an appointed assigned certifier
  • Certification by ancillary certifiers

All project data, records of inspection, plans and photographs are stored on a dedicated software platform which can be accessed by you and your design team.

As specialists in this relatively new field of work, we will reassure you that building work has been and will always be monitored to a high standard and in accordance with legislation.

Freddie Millar


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