Rights of Light – one year on!

This April, our Rights of Light team celebrated their one-year anniversary at Trident. Dan and Stuart joined the business to develop a new service line providing advice to clients on potential sites within environments that are increasingly difficult to build and develop properties.

At the start of their journey at Trident, London and Manchester were the main locations that were presenting ROL challenges. However, within the sixteen months of the team being here, they have since worked across all corners of the country, providing their twenty one years of expertise to all our offices.

Dan had previously worked with Trident on our multi-disciplinary projects at 17 Devonshire Square and Middlesex Hospital – which ultimately led into him joining Trident as a director. Shortly after his appointment, Dan recruited Stuart as an associate director and the two began working on gaining clients and winning projects.

It has been full on, with business development filling the time between completing instructions, generating new leads and running CPD sessions. The team knew it was going to be hard work from the beginning but persevered and now they are reaping the rewards through a varied mix of exclusive and multi-disciplinary roles across the country.

The ROL team have recently recruited Kam Virdi, find out more about Kam by clicking here.

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