Trident is now a part of the Real Estate Balance

Trident has recently been accepted onto the Real Estate Balance initiative, working towards improving gender imbalance within the real estate sector and beyond.

Real Estate Balance is highlighting the inadequacies in real estate, including the lack of female representation in senior positions and the decreasing levels of women taking junior positions in the industry.

The organisation has suggested that companies recognise changes need to be made in the sector, and are aware that the industry’s existing culture needs to catch up; businesses are increasing the diversity of their staff and moving towards more agile working relationships to fit modern family life, but note that it will take longer to get everyone on board.

Trident is one of these companies adapting with its staff’s requirements, and what’s more is that with this appointment to the Real Estate Balance, we are committing to changing for our future as well as changing our present situation.

Executive director Gary Powell notes: “At Trident we want to play our part in righting discrepancies and inequalities in our industry. REB is central to achieving that and I’m delighted we are now members.”

If you like more information on how we look to incorporate this new role into our daily work, please get in touch or visit the Real Estate Balance website.

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