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Trident was engaged to help our client form a long-term budget plan for the maintenance of a wide range of properties ranging from constructions made over 150 years old, created using local materials (volcanic rock), as well as more recent, prefabricated properties.

Trident sent a team of six surveyors to the island to report on the structural and cosmetic elements of the properties. Using PropTech, Trident was able to provide the Ascension Island Government (AIG) with completed reports of each property within 24 hours of inspection, having been QA’d by colleagues in the UK prior to release.

On returning to the UK, the island team provided AIG with an overall cost for the maintenance works required as well as costs broken down by sector and the timescale of the required repairs.


Ascension Island Government

Our Role

Key Issues

  • Coordinating the inspection of approximately 250 properties over a 5-week period.
  • Understanding the structural properties of unfamiliar building materials including volcanic rock.
  • Ensuring the safe transfer of large amounts of data back to our offices with limited internet.
  • Living on a tropical island over 4,000 miles from home for 6 weeks.

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