National Apprentice Week: Jack Skinner

Apprenticeships are never far away from the news, with subsidisation, the debate on whether they are a good alternative to higher education, and whether they’re useful at all is often reported on. However, it’s rare that you actually see an apprentice giving their opinion. Jack Skinner joined us in September last year, and has been provided with an opportunity to get the best of both worlds from his education and his career.

How did you go about getting an apprenticeship with Trident?
Since I left secondary school, I have always wanted to train to be a Building Surveyor. I was involved in two apprenticeships prior to joining Trident: one with a local authority and another with a main contractor, to achieve my A Levels. Once I completed my A Levels, I decided I wanted to seek a career path in consultancy but one where I can gather further experience within the industry. Trident has done that; they offered a great apprenticeship and graduate scheme to enable me to be involved in wide range of different projects and eventually become chartered.
What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?
You gain experience as well as knowledge, which makes the degree easier as I see what I am learning in university on a daily basis at work. Apprenticeship degrees are also covered by a Government levy which means no student debt, as it is paid all for you!
How is Trident organising your training/development?
I was lucky enough that Trident gave me the option to choose my training facility, under the condition that my line manager has termly contact with my tutor to ensure I’m doing well.
What have you done whilst at Trident?
For my first 5 months at Trident I have been working within the project management team (right) to deliver a wide range of projects to our clients. Some of Trident’s projects I have been involved in are:

  • 5 Stratton Street (CAT A refurbishment to 5th & 7th Floor)
  • Nomadic House (28-unit residential development)
  • 14 New Street (Shop front façade refurbishment)
  • Whitfield Street (laboratory refurbishment and fit out)

Jack (far left) with our Project Management team.

Trident also give me opportunities to work within the building surveying team to carry out site surveys using new technology that has been introduced into the industry.

Trident provides options for all different walks of life, offering the best for our employees as well as our clients.

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