MIPIM Accomplished

Another year at MIPIM has drawn to a close, and what a week it has been for the magnificent seven out in Cannes.The team – Matt Clare, Vicky Green, Daksha Mistry, Gary Powell, Dan Roe, Dan Wade and Scott Young – has spent the week in conferences at the prestigious Palais de Festival and meeting prospective and new clients at events across the town. The Bunker
There are a lot of discussions around MIPIM and whether it’s worth the effort and resources to fly half of the industry out to the south of France when we could do just as well on the phone. Our executive director Scott stated quite firmly: “There are some discussions which take place in Cannes that would seldom occur back home – perhaps it is the relaxed informal setting, je ne sais pas pourquoi!”
The two Dans and Scott Dan Wade, our Rights of Light director and MIPIM newbie agreed with Scott, saying that “MIPIM is not as daunting as it sounds, everybody is very friendly and approachable with a common agenda, so conversations flow with ease.” However, our PropTech lead and official delegate Vicky commented that “there is a huge gender gap in the profession, evident both in and out of the bunker.” Things are changing at Cannes, but there is still a long way to go.
MIPIM 2019 focused on ‘Engaging the Future’, with many of the events circling around the idea of improving the industry through technology and innovation. Technology shouldn’t be an addition to the business, but a method of business and it is crucial that we improve this through consistent research and analysis on new projects and developments.
However, our associate director Daksha did comment on our reputation: “I was surprised so many people had heard of Trident already!”
Alongside the tech side, the guys enjoyed stepping out and hosting our own events, including our drinks event for people to pop in when the schmoozing became too much.
La Belle Epoque
Director Gary Powell added: “Our drinks event on the Wednesday afternoon was at a great venue and our guests commented on their ability to relax in a convivial environment,” adding “Being invited to catch up in reciprocation by one guest in Mauritius was one highlight – it’s a deal!”
Thanks to everyone who came to one of our events or met with us during the week, we hope to hear from you soon.
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