In profile: Tina Conway

Tina has been with Trident for five years as a senior secretary, during this time she has supported the Bristol office in their day to day operations.

Tina is currently fundraising for LandAid, by taking part in the latest event, QuartanTEN. Tina will be walking 10 miles between 8-15 July with her trusty companion Snoop.

LandAid raises money for the UK’s many homelessness charities, with Trident raising over £5000 for the charity so far. Why do you think people are so touched by this cause?

I think the thought of around 86,000 young people in the UK being homeless in 2020, touches a lot of people. Very few choose to be homeless and the longer you are, the harder it is to return to normal life within society. LandAid aim to give the right support services and secure accommodation, so that they can prevent young people from becoming homeless and protect those who are. LandAid’s goal is to end youth homelessness by 2026 and I am very proud to have, although in only a small way, been involved in helping this very important cause.

You placed second out of all Steptober competitors, so we know the physical aspect wasn’t a massive worry to you – but were you concerned by the mental aspect of the SleepOut?

I don’t think I was worried about the mental aspect so much as what the elements might have in store for us and how I would cope with being possibly freezing cold all night. I was lucky, I was in a safe place surrounded by lots of other LandAid fundraisers, I knew that the following day I could have a hot shower, warm bed and hot food, all things I have very much taken for granted. It does hit home when you wake up in the morning and realise that no matter how bad the night could have been, you are extremely lucky as you get to go home!

The Bristol team are always game for fundraising for LandAid. What makes you all so keen to do the tasks? Some of them have not been pleasant!

With our office being in Central Bristol, we see almost every day the growing number of young homeless people and we are always keen to get involved and try to help as much as we can. Some tasks have certainly been easier than others, but it has been good fun to take part in these challenges both with the Bristol team and with the other Trident offices.

With the recent global pandemic, we also asked Tina a few questions around how she’s coping with the recent changes:

I am getting on really well working from home, I usually work from home one day a week anyway, so I had everything set up and ready to operate as normal. I keep in touch regularly with my colleagues either by email, phone or Microsoft Teams, however, I am looking forward to getting back to seeing everyone face to face!

I’m trying to get out dog walking as much as I can. The rest of the time, I have been trying to catch up on my list of decorating jobs – the extra time gained from not commuting makes a real difference.

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