Hanging up our trainers after Steptober 2019

We dusted off our trainers once again this year as we joined M7 and a host of other businesses for LandAid’s Steptober across last month.

Powered by M7 Real Estate, Steptober is an annual event to raise money for LandAid, the property industry’s largest charity, which tackles youth homelessness across the country.

Last year, Trident raised over £3000 for their Pledge150 campaign by walking 150 miles across the UK. This year is no exception, with us putting our best foot forward to increase awareness of the issue and hopefully alleviate the problems of homelessness for some of the most affected people.

Trident is full of secretively competitive people so it was a lot of fun to see our workmates speed-walking around our offices and going on covert tea-rounds with ulterior motives. A huge shout-out to our Bristol team who placed fifth out of 147 teams, and in particular Bristol’s senior secretary Tina Conway, who beat 580 other competitors to second place! To put this into perspective, Tina walked a seventh of Trident’s accumulated steps!

Whilst we were having a bit of a laugh at each other’s expense, it’s important to note that through the month, we were asking for donations to LandAid, which you can still donate to here.

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