Dan’s Guide to MIPIM

We’ve been speaking to Dan, our director in the West End, who has given us the details on the upcoming MIPIM conference and why he’s going.

What does your role involve at Trident?

I oversee the running of Trident’s London operation. We have just opened an office in the West End in addition to our main head office in the city, and at present my time is split between the two offices to give some support to Will Sharpey who is heading up the West End. I also deal with the larger technical due diligence surveys and project monitoring instructions that we undertake in London and the South-East. I take an active involvement in ensuring that a quality and efficient service to all of our clients from the London offices.

What are you looking forward to most at MIPIM?

Catching up with some of our clients and suppliers in the sunshine (hopefully) in the south of France. It is quite exciting times at Trident, with the rebrand and launch of another office in the West End, and I am looking forward to getting this message out to our contacts down in Cannes. It is also an opportunity to meet up with Scott and Stewart from our Scottish offices (Stewart always buys a new suit for Cannes – picture The Man from Delmonte and you have last year’s look – and I am really looking forward to seeing what he brings out this year).

What piece of advice would you give to someone attending MIPIM for the first time?

Pace yourself there is lots going on. Try not to be too structured – have a good walk around each day – there is always someone to bump into. Also make sure that flight back is not too early on Friday morning…

What is the one thing you always pack for MIPIM?

Ear plugs. The apartment we rent is a little cosy and whilst Matt only snores, Scott is known to talk really loudly in his sleep. It should also be noted that Stewart always takes his hair drier and curling irons, so if he hasn’t said in his Q and A, it needs bringing to peoples attention here.

Dan Roe, Director
London West End office

M: 07917 037425
DD: 0207 280 8158
E: dan.roe@tridentbc.com
Dan’s LinkedIn page

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