Trident responds to government’s cladding funding

The government are under fire this morning for promising £3.5bn extra funding for cladding removal almost 4 years after the Grenfell tragedy. People are saying it’s “too little too late”. Our executive director and Fire Consultancy champion Matt Clare is calling for clarification on multiple-storey buildings that fall short of the requirements.

“It’s good news to an extent, but it isn’t going to be even remotely close to being enough, and it is still only for buildings six storeys tall and above.

“There are literally thousands of buildings that were constructed at four or five storeys high and coming in below 18 metres – often so that developers could avoid the additional cost of complying with the more onerous requirements for buildings over 18 metres – which have the same issues as the taller buildings; they have combustible cladding and insulation, poor detailing and absent or poorly fitted cavity fire barriers and invariably there are no sprinklers.

“These buildings still need to be dealt with but there is no funding available – only a “loan”. So, the new fund is of course “progress” but it is not nearly enough and too prescriptive and restrictive.

We will be following these updates to ensure our clients are provided with the most knowledge and the best advice for their individual scenarios. Get in touch with Matt on or 07775 944664 to advise on the fire safety management of your properties.

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