A year in the life of an Assistant Surveyor

Usmaan Mehboob has been with Trident’s Leeds team for just over a year, after moving from a large national firm and into the role of assistant building surveyor.
His previous role was in surveying albeit not how he would have liked. “It was an assistant role, but only based on one contract for a national housing association. There was a lot of travelling but the job itself wasn’t leading onto my studying for my APC.” That was the deal-breaker that led Usmaan to finding a job with Trident.
“With Trident, they knew my experience was limited to stock condition surveys and BRCAs, therefore they sent a more experienced person with me at first to make sure I knew what I was doing; they’d show me the ropes on the first day, then leave me to it.” Over the past twelve months, Usmaan has developed both understanding and confidence to now do a range of services on his own.
He was lucky that his previous work let him in on a variety of methods, but he was also fortunate that his mentors at Trident weren’t afraid to let Usmaan figure things out for himself. “There was an understanding between me, Vicky and Jamie that the stock condition surveys I did were quite comprehensive, so they knew to not hold my hand too much.”
“The training’s really good here. They mentor you on-site; before, I’d be told in the office I was going to do a BRCA, and then sent out without any support. I’d be tearing my hair out! You know you’re doing it right here, because you’ve seen senior staff doing it that way whilst giving you a thorough explanation of why they’re doing it that way.”
As a practising Muslim, Usmaan prays five times a day; the praying isn’t a problem but trying to find a spot to pray whilst surveying is. “Trident has been so good. Building surveying is a predominantly white industry, so Islam isn’t a subject that my lecturers, my bosses, had ever really been knowledgeable on. Michael has been really considerate on-site, and the team provided a space for me when I’m in the office too. It’s nice to have my faith acknowledged in a way that isn’t negative. I was really shocked when people were so welcoming about it.”

Usmaan is a valued and respected player in Trident, working as a part of the Leeds team to provide the best service for our clients. The Leeds team’s successes are a testament to the work he does, and the support he receives.

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