Trident signs up …

In the UK, issues of diversity and inclusivity in the workforce are constantly in the media spotlight, reflecting the growing political and industrial awareness that a balanced workforce is more likely to be competitive and innovative. RICS has created the Inclusive Employer Quality Mark (IEQM) to reflect this issue and are encouraging businesses to sign up and become more aware, this is the kind of step change needed within the industry.

Trident has signed up the IEQM as they understand there are issues across the sector and it can only change if everyone commits. The IEQM is designed to drive behaviour changes, encouraging companies to look carefully at their employment practices and have inclusivity at the heart of what they do. By signing up to the IEQM, Trident has committed to the RICS six principles and are also committed to monitoring their on-going performance.

“We need to create a sustainable future, we know that talent will only be retained through the observation of best practice. Trident wants to tackle the issues of inclusivity and the training and support offered by RICS will help us work towards this” Trevor Dowd, Director

To find out more about the RICS IEQM please click here.


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