Rights of Light

Trident’s Rights of Light team will provide you with technical and impartial advice on rights to light assessments and appraisals, disputes and enhancements under the jurisdiction of common law.

Relatively new to Trident’s offering, our production of 3D printed models uses technology such as specialist Rights of Light software within AutoCAD and Sketchup that ensure we provide the best viewpoint on the potential impact of a development within its local microclimate.

Our team splits their Rights of Light service into three tiers:

  • 1st Tier Analysis – the team will focus on high-level advice by conducting desktop assessments in order to identify risks on the clients’ developments that may affect neighbouring properties.
  • 2nd Tier Analysis – this advanced level of analysis quantifies potential risks and impacts by conducting technical assessments and providing compliant envelopes (or “jelly moulds”) and advice on amendments in regards to acceptable light levels.
  • 3rd Tier Analysis – the highest grade of analysis that we offer involves direct negotiations with affected neighbours, issuing Light Obstruction Notices, procurement of insurance and amendments to the development designs.

The Rights of Light team at Trident are based in our London City office and have the capability to deliver this service nationwide.

Daniel Wade

Director daniel.wade@tridentbc.com

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