Project Management

A Schedule of Condition is a record of the precise state of a building, its external surface areas and boundary features at that specific time. We prepare these documents on an elemental basis and are often reinforced by a photographic schedule.

At Trident, we use these detailed records as a tool to protect your interests from a variety of situations. As one of our more popular services, we have extensive experience in providing schedules for landlords and tenants, contractors and developers, and building owners and adjoining owners. Our schedules are then used in lease documentation, for attachment to party wall awards as well as mitigation devices.

They are also effective risk management tools. For instance, they have helped to dilute dilapidation liabilities and limit unnecessary cost exposure arising from repair, maintenance and reinstatement works.

Alternatively, in a construction scenario, our reports can prove that defects have arisen after a schedule was prepared, allowing you to seek redress from the party at fault. This can be applied to party wall matters and building projects in general.

Commissioning a schedule of condition is a cost-effective way to limit the potential for dispute, reduce resources and, ultimately, to safeguard your property investment.

David Juniper


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