Procurement & Tendering

Project controls are key in helping you deliver projects and programmes on time and within budget, while risk management mitigates the negative impact on you, whether that is internal or external.

Trident uses systems which enable us to take on this considerable responsibility with ease. We will provide you with reports on factors including cost, programme, performance and risk throughout the project. This approach provides focus on key issues, enabling you to manage them accordingly and ensuring a good return on investment.

We use bespoke IT solutions and the latest methods to provide project information in a clear, concise report.

We also support you across many aspects of risk management including providing you with:

  • Risk registers to identify risk and assess the likely impact upon a project
  • Quantification of risk, with cost estimates
  • Use of risk analysis to inform project contingency
  • Change control reports
  • Dashboard reports and progress reports
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Risk management schedules to mitigate risk exposure and communicate this to clients

Although there are many uncertainties within construction, knowing those potential liabilities and the procedures to alleviate them is the most effective means of mitigation.

Darren Kemp

Associate Director

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