BIM consulting – level 2

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is revolutionising the way that construction projects are designed, managed and delivered.

Level 2 BIM was introduced as a requirement for all government construction projects in 2016, improving collaboration within the construction industry. Trident uses BIM to save time and costs and to prevent clashes within all new-build constructions, refurbishments and adaptations.

You will benefit from a more integrated and collaborative team, providing a better scope and understanding of the project, as well as reducing risks due to the collaborative nature of the service.

We comply with the requirements of BS 1192:2007 to deliver Level 2 BIM, including:

  • Employer’s information requirements
  • Collaborative working
  • Common classification of data
  • Info exchange methods
  • Creation of a federated model

Our BIM expertise also benefits planned maintenance programmes, pre-acquisition reporting, reinstatement cost assessments and building pathology advice, supporting us in delivering your projects more efficiently than ever before.

Kim Benam

Associate Director

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