Introducing… Rights of Lights

Trident is delighted to introduce an exciting new Rights of Light service line, covering Rights of Light matters in relation to common law aspects as well as dealing with the separate matter of local authority planning requirements for daylight, sunlight and overshadowing analysis.

The service will also extend to cover required disciplines within EIA and BREEAM assessments such as solar glare, sunpath, radiance analysis and night time light spillage assessments. The Rights of Light department will complement Trident’s established wide range of services, in particular, our architectural and design services. This service also operates as a standalone independent team to fit in with clients’ preferred design team arrangement.

Our new director Daniel Wade has expert knowledge in this niche field spanning 20 years, advising on risk and representing clients in complex rights of light negotiations, from assisting with Deed agreements to procuring insurance cover along with many other aspects. Daniel has worked with Trident previously on 17 Devonshire Square and Middlesex Hospital projects.

Under Dan’s lead, Trident will also cover planning issues related to daylight, sunlight and overshadowing, including submission of detailed reports to accompany applications as well as providing advice and representation at planning committees, planning inquiries and public inquiries.

The daylight, sunlight and overshadowing service will cover technical assessments in accordance with the relevant standards adopted by the local authority as well as the guidelines of BRE 209 Paper “Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight, A guide to good practice” by Paul Littlefair, 2011.

If you feel that any of your projects/property could be at risk due to rights of light or daylight, sunlight, overshadowing implications, please get in touch and we will happily provide an overview and advice for the next steps, whether you are a developer or conversely an affected neighbour.

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